Specialized Commercial Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Businesses require a company with the means and the experience to do the job right, the first time, and on time. If you have a “special” cleaning requirement, Property Doctor is the specialist who can handle the job. We are located in Hamilton and service Hamilton, Halton and Niagara regions of Ontario.

We are equipped to assist you with the following specialized cleaning services:
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  • Food Area Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Special Event Cleaning
  • Hotel Cleaning
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Exterior Maintenance/Graffiti Removal

Food Area Cleaning & Maintenance


Cleanliness is important to restaurants, bars, and all commercial kitchens. In most jurisdictions, it’s also the law! The three most common contamination hazards are bacteria and viruses, chemical substances in contact with food items, and dirty physical objects. Keeping food preparation and food storage areas clean makes good business sense. You will find it is very cost-effective to schedule regular cleaning, plan an efficient method of work, and employ professionals to do the job. Regular cleaning following a strict schedule helps reduce pest infection and the risks of food spoilage, fines and fire – and ensures a pleasant and safe work environment for your kitchen staff.

We will work with you to ensure food prep areas are cleaned regularly and at a time that is convenient for the establishment. We will ensure that our trained cleaners use the most appropriate method, chemicals/cleaners and equipment for each task. But more than this, we will ensure that all cleaning materials and equipment are themselves cleaned and disinfected when the job is completed, and stored properly in a separate place away from the food preparation room.

Special Event Cleaning

Whether you need to spruce up the lobby for a special presentation ceremony or clean the whole building for an open house, Property Doctor can handle it! We’ll scrub, polish and vacuum until the place is tip-top ready for your special event, to your specifications and within your time schedule. Alternatively, you may simply need us to clean up the mess afterwards — no problem! At the appointed time, we’ll arrive to vacuum and clean, pack up used dishes and glassware,  fold and stack rented chairs, return all furniture to their original places, and generally leave your space looking like nothing had happened.

Hotel Cleaning

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Property Doctor recognizes that hoteliers require cleaners who meet their high standards AND are cost-effective. We can meet the challenge and beat expectations. We offer regularly-scheduled cleaning services tailored to meet individual property needs. Our staff is experienced, well-trained, and knowledgeable about the latest technologies used in the professional cleaning industry.

Services include:

  • hard surface floor maintenance (marble, granite, tile, ceramic, wood)
  • sanding and re-coating (wood floors)
  • stripping and waxing (tile)
  • carpet care for every type and size from Persian area rugs to high-end wall-to-wall covering
  • property maintenance including pressure washing and power washing (for cement floors and pool decks) and graffiti removal
  • air vents

 Parking Lot Maintenance

Whether it is an above-ground lot or an underground garage, your parking area is the first place your clients and customers “see” you. To ensure a good first impression, your lot requires regular cleaning and maintenance. Given the high cost of parking lot repair and/or replacement, it also makes good business sense to have a scheduled cleaning regimen. The lot will last longer and need less frequent resurfacing and repair, which saves you money in the long term.

Property Doctor provides pressure washing and power sweeping of asphalt or concrete parking areas, on a schedule that meets your needs (weekly, monthly). Services include litter pickup and disposal, signs and lights cleaning, gum and graffiti removal, catch basin and drain clean-out, and line painting.

Lawn Maintenance

Having a well-cared-for and beautiful lawn at your commercial premises speaks volumes. It says that you take great pride in your business and want to make a positive “first impression”. That you strive to manage your business with care and concern. That you desire to offer an inviting place for people to visit or to work. That you are willing to assume responsibility and expense for making your building and its surroundings as lovely as possible  for the enjoyment of your clients and employees, and to benefit the environment.

Property Doctor offers a variety of regularly-scheduled lawn maintenance programs that will keep your lawn healthy and beautiful, in addition to special Spring and Fall cleanups. We have the proper equipment for various lawn maintenance jobs, and highly-trained staff who know lawns. In addition to fertilizing and weed control, we do shrub and tree pruning. We are a committed environmentally-friendly company; clippings are mulched or collected and recycled.


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