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Is your company and employees bonded and insured?

A company being bonded and insured, is a must in today’s society, at Property Doctor we retain a minimum of  $5,000,000 liability policy to insure the utmost protection for our customers.  In addition we retain a $25,000 employee dishonestly bond be in place at all times.  Also, each employee must obtain a clean police clearance yearly.

How long have you in been in business?

Property Doctor was established in 1990 and is still going strong!

Do you have references?

Yes, references are available on request; we have many companies that we have been working with sice our conception.

Do you have a current WSIB clearance certificate?

Every 60 days an updated clearance certificate will be sent to you.  We have  WSIB clearance for all of our employees, therefore, if there is a workplace injury you will not be responsible.

Do you have regular inspections of the worksites.nar ?

At Property Doctor we pride our self on regular and routine inspections.  There is a supervisor assigned to each area, to help securitize any deficiencies that may arise so the job is compelete to our high standards.

Are your cleaning products used environmentally safe?

Each product that is used in the workplace is environmentally safe. With each product a MSDS sheet will be provided.

What kind of communication can I expect from your company?

At each location there will be a log book; this will ensure that the communication is flowing on a daily basis.  As well as a cell number will be provided for the supervisor in your area and also the owner of the company.  We can’t always be in the office when you call but our cell phones are always on in hand.

How do we receive our Invoices?

Each month a phone will be made from our office to ensure the quality of cleaning has been performed to your satisfaction.  Then an invoice will be generated and deliver either email or hand delivered. Once again keeping the communication opened at all times.


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