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Everything you need to know about our Commercial Cleaning Services

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Office / Facility Cleaning

You want to make the best possible first impression on everyone who visits your office; not just your customers, but also your employees and stakeholders. A clean, bright, fresh-smelling workspace results in better morale and a healthier environment. Property Doctor has the expertise to provide regular cleaning of your commercial office or facility, efficiently and in a timely manner. We do whatever it takes to ensure people’s first impressions are your best impressions.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets breed bacteria, harbour odours, and act as a hideout for tiny insects. Regular vacuuming and scheduled deep cleaning of your commercial carpets will eliminate these problems. As a bonus, your carpets will wear better and last longer. We are carpet cleaning specialists. Using state-of-the-art technology and equipment, our trained professionals can clean all types and sizes of carpets. Property Doctor can also restore most any kind of carpet damage caused by a disaster (flooding) or accident (food spills), if action is taken quickly. Other services include: upholstery cleaning, urine stain removal, deodorizing and sanitizing, and fabric guard protection. We do whatever it takes to keep your carpets fresh and clean.

Floor Maintenance

All floors need to be regularly maintained: swept, mopped, scrubbed, waxed and polished. Through proper floor care, you are providing a more hygienic workspace and projecting a good business image. The type of floor care required will depend on the type of floor materials. Frequency of polishing and buffing is determined by the traffic flow and use of the office areas. Property Doctor employs trained professional janitorial staff who are knowledgeable about the diversity of floor materials and who can determine the most appropriate cleaning solution for the job. We do it all — from  auto-scrubbing, high-speed buffing, burnishing, stripping/waxing and floor finishing, to regular floor maintenance. Property Doctor’s floor care services are customized to meet your specifications.  We can put together the right package for you.


Keep your premises and offices sparkling. Dust is the natural decomposition of many things, from carpet and clothing fibres, hair and skin flakes, to more dangerous items such as mould spores and decomposed insect pieces. All furniture – but especially tall cabinets and bookcases – as well as ceiling fans, Venetian blinds, and all electronic devices attract dust. Regular dusting rids the area of the harmful microscopic debris that can severely affect allergy and asthma sufferers. It also helps to maintain the life of your furniture. Property Doctor professional cleaners have the right cleaning tool for each type of dusting job. And they have been trained to dust correctly. This is important because using the wrong tool or attacking the job too vigorously will simply spread the dust back into the air. Property Doctor does whatever it takes to keep your premises sparkling.

    Window Cleaning

    At any time of the day or night, someone is viewing your business premises from the outside in, or from the inside out. Clean windows leave a lasting impression. Clean windows showcase your pride in your business and your buildings. Clean windows let in the natural light, offering a bright, welcoming atmosphere for your visitors, suppliers and customers. Property Doctor’s expert window cleaning service will brighten up your day.

    Washroom Hygiene

    Regular cleaning with disinfectant materials is so important in an age of superbugs. Washroom maintenance is crucial to combatting colds and containing the spread of viruses. Employees will appreciate the effort you make in helping them stay healthy. Property Doctor offers scheduled cleaning packages that will not only keep premises clean but will promote wellness

      Cleaning Walls & Ceiling

      Walls and ceilings define your building. Messy cobwebs and dirt in the air will take the shine out of the ceiling, making the room appear dim and dingy. Greasy finger and hand prints, and other marks and stains mar the beauty of walls. Whether your rooms are painted or covered with wallpaper, Property Doctor has the proper tools and knows the correct method for cleaning the awkward and hard-to-reach areas.

      Light Maintenance

      Dust, bugs and airborne oil residues congregate on lighting fixtures. The result — dull lighting and reduced ability of the fixture to put out efficiently the full wattage that’s expected. In addition to paying for lighting you do not get, you may find that your employees will suffer from eye strain and headaches. Cleaning some types of lighting fixtures such as chandeliers is an art, and should not be done by the uninitiated! Property Doctor professionals arrive with specialized cleaning equipment and leave you with sparkling lights.

        Metal Cleaning

        Items made of metal need to be cleaned regularly for dust, dirt and fingerprints, to remove tarnish and prevent rust, and to restore lustre. From faucets and fittings to stainless steel sinks and door handles, the glow of shiny metal fixtures and furnishings adds warmth and personality to any office space. Property Doctor will use the correct cleaning solution and materials for each type of metal – whether pewter, chrome, brass, copper, stainless steel, or silver or gold plate – so metal items will not be marred or damaged. They will be left clean and bright.


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